Usenet US Hierarchy Headquarters

This is the official web site of the us.* hierarchy of Usenet

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Usenet is a collection of thousands of discussion groups distributed by more than 100,000 news servers around the world. The groups are organized by topic within hierarchies. Some hierarchies are international in scope, while others cover specific geographical areas. The us.* hierarchy is a national hierarchy for residents of the US and expatriates abroad who want to have their own newsgroups in their own hierarchy. It is pretty small right now, but we expect it to grow over time. This website contains all of the official information about the us.* Hierarchy We hope it is useful to you, and we hope you will join us and help us build a hierarchy to be proud of.

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Table of Contents

  • Newsgroup Creation in the us.* Hierarchy
  • Links to current us.* Hierarchy newsgroups
  • Links to current us.* Hierarchy newsgroup charters
  • Current checkgroups posting for us.* Hierarchy
  • Rules For Posting in us.* Hierarchy
  • Top-Level Hierarchies within the us.* Hierarchy
  • Interim Committee Archive
  • Contact the us.* Administrators
  • Credits